Suppliers of turning blanks, squares, carving blocks and planks.

We specialise in ethically sourced native hardwoods, felled in Surrey and Sussex, supplying hardwood boards up to 5" / 125mm thick with a square or natural edge. Based in Surrey near to the Sussex border, we supply beautiful native hardwood timbers, green or seasoned, including: Acacia, Ash, Beech, Elm, Holly, London Plane, Spalted beech, Yew etc. We can supply one board or a whole trunk, planked to your specification.

Our woodturning department has blanks from 3" / 75mm diameter up to a massive 20" by up to 6" / 150mm thickness and squares up to 4" in a wide range of native timbers. All our blanks are fully seasoned and wax sealed. If you need a specific blank, please ask.

Our firewood is all fully seasoned hardwood souced ethically from offcuts, split boards and smaller logs. We don't fell trees to cut firewood.

If you have a specific need, please contact me to using the contact page.